Confidential Substance Abuse & Addiction Assessment

Have you been writing off your substance use as no big deal, something you can control? Or do you suspect that drugs like opiates, stimulants and designer drugs or alcohol are no longer a recreational habit, but an addiction that can eventually destroy your life? Understanding your drug and alcohol use and how it fits in the larger framework of substance use disorder and addiction is key to living a healthy life and pursuing treatment if necessary. 

If you are at this critical juncture and you suspect that your substance use has overtaken your life, then a substance abuse evaluation can be a good first step on the road to recovery. It can help you diagnose your problem and guide you towards an effective treatment plan that will work for you.

With the results from these substance abuse evaluations in hand, you will have the knowledge, and the power, to move forward on your quest for sobriety. Taking an assessment can be the vital first step on the road to recovery—all you have to do to get started is