Solution-focused marital therapy goals

❤️Goal #1 – Make your issues RELATIONAL. I help both individuals see how each has contributed to the problems in the relationship. This helps each one own up to their part and take responsibility to make the necessary changes in the relationship. We do this through letter writing which helps in resolving these old issues so that you can move on to learning healthier ways to PROTECT your relationship even from yourselves (EGO reactions)

❤️❤️ Goal #2: Understanding one another. This is where I help you develop skills or rekindle the skills of courtship. You did it in the beginning of your relationship when you were getting to know one another. We talk through this and help you to unlearn behaviors and attitudes that create “victimization of your relationship” and increase courtship skills like interest in each other, compassion, empathy, and commitment to each other’s well-being. We do this using tools like personality assessments and assessment of personal values. We also explore family of origin experiences and how they impact our expectations in marriage.

❤️❤️❤️Goal # 3: This is where we work on skill sets in emotional & relational intelligence. We work on communication skills, conflict management skills, financial management skills, stress management, parenting, and goal setting.



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