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Okay, today is June 13th. I have not come back to this blog since I did the initial posts in March. I had gone to a business opportunity meeting and was really pumped up. And thank God for that because since then, though I didn’t join that particular business, I have made major strides towards the right direction in my counseling business.

First, I started with advertising on facebook. I started writing more and being more confident in sharing my thoughts and expertise on the subject of my passion and call which is relationships within the family. I have so far gotten many responses that indicate that I am in the right direction. I joined several Facebook groups that are in my line of interest and have been contributing to the discussions. This has brought several individuals into my inbox seeking for personal help on relationships.

Wow! It’s been great to have people reach out for help. Now, I am working on monetizing this. I am reaching to others who seem to be experts in this online/digital business and I am getting much needed advice.

The one thing that I am finding as a challenge is how to use all these wonderful online tools! I am learning and I am not going to give up!