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Today’s I Must…

March 23, 2017.
For a long time now, I have felt very stuck in my financial life. I feel like I am always out of money and it causes me a lot of stress. I feel defeated and discouraged. However, I also feel energized just to think that most of the people who have experienced great success were once in the place where I am. They used this energy to find opportunities to do things to turn their life around.

This evening I attended a training invited by a friend about a business opportunity. I was reluctant to go and had quite a bit of excuses like “I don’t know what to wear.” Really?! Yet at the back of my mind, I felt that this might be one of those opportunities that could change my life. And I was right. Though I didn’t have any real expectations, I felt that there was really nothing to lose if I joined the business. If I could raise the initial money to join, the rest of it, I can control. These two words remained with me: Skill and Effort. Which I both have. I am skilled in talking to people, I have a passion for what I set my mind to, and I have the time to put the effort to make it work.

My biggest obstacle is my mindset. I don’t know why I have always felt that I am not good in business. Maybe I really do fear success.  Whatever it is, I want to change this strange feeling of stuckness. I want to win. I want success. I want money. I want freedom. I want joy. I want real results. I am tired, tired, tired of mediocre living. I must, I must, I must change.

Today is the first day of the rest of my successful life. I have to live like a winner. I have to let go of this poverty mentality. Even with all the education I have, I am not anywhere close to where my potential lies. I keep hearing of successful people who have no education or exposure, who started really small, and what makes them win is their attitude and their charisma. A master’s degree that cannot put food for my boys on the table is meaningless, useless and absolutely of no value to me. I must, I must, I must get out of this place I am stuck in.

There is this book I keep hearing people talk about and rave about. I have seen it but I have never read it. Why? Because I am a skeptic. No more. No more. I will start by reading it. I have to go against my logical mind because it is not getting me anywhere. I have to walk by faith and action. I have to apply myself in the things that will grant me success. I must, I must, I must!

No more gutter living. So many success stories!  And why not me!!! I want, I want, I want!!!
No, my Christian friends, I have not backslidden and I am not suddenly becoming carnally minded. This blog is straight from my heart. Untamed. Unedited. No overthinking. Just plain from my heart. Judge me or not, I am doing this for me. 

Keep watching this page. Because I am not going to stop. Not about grammar either. Just my musings.